Brother’s Cricle (HMYC)

Brother’s Circle, formerly known as HMYC, is a weekly gathering by the organised by the community for the local brothers every Friday.

The goals & objectives of the weekly halaqah is to allow:
– Seek the pleasure of Allah (swt) by the teaching and promotion of Islam
– Assist the Muslim youth to preserve their Islamic identity and take pride in it
– Establish an educational center for adults where we can instill the moral and spiritual teachings of Islam.
– Allow brothers to openly ask questions & ask for advice & support on religious & non-religious issues
– A form of halal socialization

Our Monthly Structure consists of:
– Quranic Tafseer & Tadjweed
– Explanation of Hadiths/Fiqh Issues
– Seerah Of Muhammed PBUH & Biographies Of Islamic Heroes
– Contemporary Issues

The wonderful thing about HMYC is that it is conducted by members of the community, so each week different brothers volunteer to give a talk under the supervision of our Religious Teachers, over the past, we have had contemporary issues for example, the referendum debate, healthy halal eating, Western Festivles, Dealing With Loss Of A Loved One. As-well as our  religious talks have included, the entire belief in Imaan series, Fiqh of Fasting, Spiritual Heart etc

We send out regular emails & have an open “Telegram/whatsapp” group, to keep the brothers updated


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