Imam Qasim Ride To Help – 28/06/2011

03 Nov 2013 News & Events No Comments

Imam Qasim ride to help June 2011 was when Inverness Masjid joined and supported Imam Qasim from Al Khair foundation and Iqra TV when he started his tour of Britain with his team on the bike from John O Groats in June 2011. The second day of his ride was from Bettyhill to Inverness, 120 km (see YouTube Ride to help HD-1), one of the longest, most difficult and gloriously scenic part of his journey which was broadcast to sky channel 826. He ended his trip at the Inverness Masjid and a large section of our community (200 people) greeted him for his brave effort (he is neither a cyclist nor sportsman). There was a large event organised on the same night in Inverness’ prestigious town hall which was broadcast live on Sky cannel 826 followed by a question and answer session and dinner. The highlight of the event was on the bike ride and Imam Qasim exclaimed “If I can ride, you can ride” which raised huge awareness about the cycle as an alternative and greener mode of transport.