The Purposed Building

Progress Of The Portland Place

Inverness Masjid Association has purchased this building and aim to turn it into a community gathering place and an Islamic education centre. The building has a very low energy rating at the moment at G grade and with the help of all the community members and this grant we aim to make it almost Carbon neutral and completely energy efficient making it an example to our Highland wide community.

Phase 1 of refurbishment is complete ,whole brand new ceiling , structural steel beams and alteration , new fiber glass roofing, insulation to a highest degree ,electrical wiring / fire alarm wiring ,windows and beautiful 5 skylights including a dome , removal of all the rubble / rubbish is done . A total of 30,000 pounds have been paid ( labour =11000, windows =10,000,material including steel beams 8,000 & wood and plaster boards =8000 to be paid yet .

All external walls need attention and require proper insulation and plaster boarding. There are a number of single glazed windows and we propose to create a row of 4 or 5 Scandinavian styled triple glazed windows to the south west side wall, that will bring huge amount of sunshine but will connect us to a fairly large outdoor area which we hope to turn in to a paradise style garden. Lighting we aim to get maximum light through the ceiling windows and side windows and will have a very minimal need to have lights on. We also plan to have light tunnels / tube to toilets, kitchen and areas which have no direct access to the outer natural light. We propose full LED / low energy lighting throughout the building.

Heating - currently we have an oil boiler however we propose to invest in ground air source pumps and a natural wood pallet burner which, with built in water tanks, will provide sufficient heat to this otherwise fully insulated building with no escapes routes for heat. A kitchen which will be in the middle of the building and open plan will have a similar wood burner / cooker with water tank for additional heating and warmth. We will require very few radiators which will have special energy conserving valves. Hot water for the building: we do not require piping hot water to this building but will require lukewarm water for washing and we aim to obtain that from our wood bunkers during winter with additional solar water heating panels and especially installed low voltage electric instant water heaters. There will be special valves on water taps to control the flow to reduce waste.

Throughout 2014, the mosque hired there own contractors to refurbish the Portland club during the week, however as we did not have a skip, local Muslim brothers took time from their busy work schedule to come in on a Sunday and spend a couple of 4-6 hours cleaning the mosque, removing the rubble & waste to the industrial dump site. This occurred nearly on a fortnight basis for most of the year, see pictures below 

Phase 2 of refurbishment occurred from late Autumn 2014 onward, which primary involved the interior of the mosque, this consisted of transforming the toilets, installing showers, proper wudu/ablution facilities, for both the male and female part of the mosque. Getting the mosque reading for full-time prayer access, & closing our former premises at Ardross St forever. This involved Fitting LED lights & getting the hot water up & running.

Also part of this phase involved Fitting a library with appropriate books and study furniture. Getting a social/cafe area installed & even a gym are.

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