New Muslims

New Muslim support group
Usually First Thursday On Every month
Held By imam Vali for All New Reverts In The Highlands
Topics includes: History Of Islam, prayer & purification, Q&As, general practices in Islam, great way to catch-up & see how each other is been getting on
All welcome

As awareness and knowledge of Islam increases, more and more people are being guided to accept Islam as their religion. Some of these converts face difficulties and pressure from friends and family.

Also muslim reverts may have religious issues question or queries Here at Inverness Masjid we provide advice, support and friendship. For further information please contact the imam on any religious issues or advise contacts us.

If you are interested in learning more about Islam & are thinking of embracing Islam In Your Life, check out the following website:
To Read the amazing journeys of some our fellow Highland Community members journey to Islam, please give a minute to visit the blog created by a local revert insh’allah

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