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Agenda: Activities 2013 to 2014, Finance report, Trustees, Educational activities, Jannaza / funeral services, New committees, Any other business

In Attendance: Sam , Fazlu ,Haroon ,Abdul ,waheed, Khalid ,Wajid , Imran,syed Ali ,Basharat , Rafique , Imran Rafique ,Alan Rooney,Dr saad , Dr Tauqeer, But Sahab , Khalid brother ,Khalid khan , Rasheed , Rafiq ,Tamjeed ,Lawanghina,Rasheed,fukhruddin ,zakir , Sajid khan ,imam Shafiq ur Rehman ,raja Iqbal ,tanveer,Najeeb khan , kamal ud din , Mukhtar ,Islam Chaudry , mrs Chaudry
Friday prayer was held in the new masjid where a large number of the community attended.

The meeting started at 2 pm with the above agenda, Followed by a Recitation from the holy Qur’an by Hafiz Shafiq ur Rehman. Dr Waheed welcomed everyone. It has been a very busy and active year with a large number of activities organised by Inverness masjid.
Introduction by Dr. Khan – He gave an outline of the agenda of the meeting & topics that would be addressed, as-well as the role of trustees, accountability and representation of elected committee members.
A complete list is available at the website. under events.
Dr Waheed thanked Wajid Huq for maintaining the website.

Inverness masjid association has purchased a suitable building ( the former Portland Club ). An extensive refurbishment work started in April and is now very close to completion wit’s an estimated cost of around £100,000. This money has been achieved through donations and fundraising and some Qarze Hasana.
A new executive management ( Board of Trusteeship) structure has been established which will act as trustees for the Inverness Central Masjid. The full list of trustees is attached. All of these individuals are founder members of Inverness masjid association and habe contributed financially and devoted a great deal of time towards the establishment of the new masjid.The whole community showed a complete confidence in their roles.
The trustees will maintain this building as a mosques based on Sunny Hanafi Madhab.
A formal constitution was established for the trustees . All trustees will have executive powers and will maintain this building as an everlasting mosque open to the wider community and all trustees will have complete governance responsibility.

All trustees will be responsible for the maintainence,upkeep and safety of the building.
Trustees will collect funds through donations and fund raising and use it towards the upkeep and maintenance of the building.
Trustees will not have any financial incentive from the building and will rather take responsibility to maintain the building at their own personal cost.
Trustees will have executive powers to select various individuals for various tasks, select a task force or allow a committee to be formed to help with preparations for various activities that the masjid wish to do.
Trustees will appoint a suitable imam or imams for the masjid and will have executive powers to appoint, amend or terminate the contracts.
Trustees will also have executive powers to hire or select individuals for various tasks of the masjid.
Any event, programme or function will need written approval from the trustees.
Trustees will meet every 3 months formally to discuss all the affairs of the masjid .
Trustees will have full responsibility in terms of financial, legal and any other matters relating to the masjid.

A brief summary of activities and involvement the mosque has taken part in is available on the website. Continuing to maintain the website & facebook page is vital.
07:27-34:04 — Issue Of Finance, an overlook on figures in terms of how much is spent, how much is required to finish the mosque renovations, funds for wages & bills, paying of the non-interest loans, changing the way we ask for donations on a Friday and updating the standing order form.
34:05-36:35 — New Activities for the following year – continuing with our Homeless trust, setting up a library & dawah/non-muslim information unit for locals, encouraging members of the community to start any education classes following the success of HMYC, Sister Group & New-Muslim Circle.
36:36-37:51 Highly recommended Janazah Facilities were discussed. The mosque will be the first point of call when a funeral is required for a deceased muslim therefore an appropriate protocol needs to be put in place which would consist of washing,praying & burying etc.
37:52-45:00 Any Other Business was debated upon – emergency situations where trustees need to get involved, or rare circumstances like weddings in the mosque & who is responsible for unifiying on school of thought for speeches &the prayer timetable.

All the office bearers of Inverness masjid association will maintain their existing roles and were re- elected . All the community members showed complete confidence with the committee members and thanked them for all the hard work for the past ten years and the achievement of maintainIng a fully functioning mosque initially at Ardross street and now a purpose built everlasting mosque at Portland Place. Inverness. IV11NE.
Sam will continue to act as president. Raja Iqbal as Vice President. Dr Waheed as secretary and treasurer.
The meeting adjourned around 2:45pm, with an open Q&A,

For the annual financial report, turstees accounts, see the following link:

Download (XLS, 1.65MB)

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