AGM — 29/12/2017

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In Attendance: Alan Rooney, Imam Ibraheem, Fazlu Miah, Abdul Raheem Khan, Mohammad Iqbal, Shakeel, Shams Ul Miah, Fakhrudin, Nasir, Danial, Waleed Khair, Mubarak Ali, Babul, ladies

Imam Ibraheem started the meeting with the recitation from Noble Quran and stressed on the verse: “Be kind to parents, and near family, and orphans and the impoverished,and the neighbour who is nearby, and the neighbour who is further away.”(Qur’an 4:36)

Dr Waheed welcome every one, explained the agenda for this AGM, thanked all the community members for their constant support and hard work . All the community showed complete trust on the committee and asked them to continue in their existing role

The Agenda for the 2017 AGM consisted of the following:
1. General Masjid update, mosque is running very well, open for five daily prayers, and in between for the whole community, Friday prayer is very well attended with over 100 people, including women, Parking can be an issue at times.
2. Mosque activities Very busy and productive year as always, a list of activities held this financial year were discussed, see 2017 events on the website
3. Extension development/funeral area, Dr Waheed informed the group that a further extension work for more multi purpose space including funeral area will start next month.
4. Funeral documents is in place and will be published on our Facebook and website and finally distributed as a leaflet.
5. Syrian refugees welcome, 7 new families are arriving on 16 January 2018 and we will be raising the welcome packs for them including food, rice and other necessary items for the first one month of their stay. A lot of support and enthusiasm from the community for that.
6. Masjid education, see link for the Imam report below.
7. Accounts, current finances were presented on the PowerPoint screen and hard copies distributed, approved by the whole community.
8. Election, Shams Ul Miah ( Sam) will continue as president, Dr Waheed khan as secretary, Raja Iqbal as Vice President and Jahanghir as treasure for another full term
9. AOB various other topics about syrian refugees and maintaining a social media group and few subcommittee will be formed which will take on some of the ongoing work.

For the annual financial report, turstees accounts, see the following attachment:

Download (PDF, 264KB)

*The Imam Report 2017, as follows:

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

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