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Agenda: Mosque update, Parking, Imam report, Activities, Finance / accounts, Syrian families fort William, Madrasah in the masjid, Future activities, Election, AOB

In Attendance: Sam, Waheed Khan, Mubarak Ali, Mohammad Iqbal, Lawanghina Shinwari, Alan Rooney, Fazlu Miah, Fakkur-Uddin, Vali Hussain, Mahmood, Haroon Rashid, Raja Iqbal, Ahmad, Khalid Ali, Badil, Peter Broomfield, Majeed, Apologies: Abdul Khan

Imam Vali started the meeting with the recitation from holy Quran and mentioned that all acts should begin with the recitation and a prayers.

Dr Waheed welcome every one , explained the agenda , given update on the mosque premises update , there has been addition of bi folding aluminium portions which have been completed , and it has improved the heat retention and noise reduction in the main prayer area. There is other work which is still in progress and will be completed after the festive periods.

Sam mentioned about the recent meeting with highland Counsel traffic department facilitated by our local MP Mr Drew Hendry and some improvements in the parking spaces in expected . The Counsel team will visit the mosque and the premises after 4 th January 2017 and recommend newer relaxations.
1. Imam’s report* was read and was greatly appreciated specially the children’s education , school visits and establishing other activities. ( report attached )
2. Mosque activities Very busy and productive year , a list of activities were discussed , attached here.
3. Finance report prepared by accountant Shaun Hendry was projected , copies circulated , it was approved , there was discussion of more direct debits and contributions towards the permanent imam role and in January we will have a bigger drive to have more direct debits coming to the mosque account.
4. More Syrian families are arriving in fort William area and a newly recruited settlement officer Peter Broomfield presented the details . Mosque will support the new Syrian refugees in the fort William area in spite of the distance involved.
5. Mosque education has been extremely productive and imam report was projected*, imam Ibraheem was praised for his hard work and commitment .mosque committee will provide more facilities and support in coming years.
6. Visit my mosque open day will be of the Sunday 5 th February and small committee will start working towards the organisation of it.
7. Future activities will be planned throughout the year specially school visit , work on a sensory garden and other events.
8. Election same mosque committee was re elected for another year with full support from the members.
9. AOB , issues around cleanliness , donations and disable parking were discussed

For the annual financial report, turstees accounts, see the following link:

Download (TIFF, 317KB)

*The Imam Report 2016, as follows:

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

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