Beavers Visit — 27/11/14

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A group of more than twenty local beavers from the 7th Inverness (Kirkhill) scout group came to visit us at our new mosque on Thursday 27 Nov 2014. They came from the village of Kirkhill which is about 5 miles from Inverness on the way to Beauly
Imam Vali & Br Alan talked to our visitors about the five pillars of Islam, what they mean to us and why they are so special. The cubs were then shown how we make wudu; how the adhan is called; and how we pray. Surah Al Fatihah and Surah Al Ikhlas were shared and explained to the cubs and their leaders. We had good questions being asked of the cubs about what they know about Islam.

Then everyone had juice and sweets and crisps and pizza Face savouring delicious food SubhanaAllah wa bihamdhi.
May Allah accept our efforts in declaring His Oneness to the people of the Highlands. May Allah reward and bless our brothers who helped clean and set up, entertain and provide food and refreshments for our guests.

The event is also mentioned on their official website under the news section:

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