Crown Primary School P6 Visit — 16/01/2015

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On Friday morning we had 30 P6 pupils from a local primary school visit our mosque (pupils aged about 10).
They sat on the floor in our not-yet-finished mosque for 2 hours (2 hours!) and listened to us talk about what Islam is and what we believe and do.

They asked loads of questions. They were genuinely interested in us.
One wee boy asked a question about ISIS and terrorism, which was good, because it showed that he was comfortable enough with us to ask the question and we were able to explain to him that Islam was a religion of peace.
This was also highlighted by one of the parents who was there, who said how beautiful and peaceful it was in our mosque. Bear in mind this is an unfinished mosque with not even a proper carpet yet but a scattering of rugs.
But they could sense the peace in the House of Allah. MashaAllah.

We need to open up our lives more to show people what Islam really is like.
So they see the beauty, the balance, the peace. And not what they see on the telly.
As we said to the wee boy who asked the ISIS question, if you want to see what Muslims are really like just go and talk to one, make a friend, and see how they live their lives. Then you will see what Islam is and it’s not what you see on the news all the time..

FEEDBACK AS FOLLOWS “Thank you for allowing us to visit to the Mosque. We enjoyed learning about your religion, it was really interesting. You are very kind giving up your time for us to come and see the Mosque. The interior inside was really pretty and colourful. Here are some comments from our class…”
Fraser: “Thank you for the food. That was really kind”
Ben: “The carpets were very decorative and comfy”
Alex: “The design was amazing. I loved the pillars”
Louis: “The mosque was beautiful I would love to come back”
Lucia: “Allan was really good at his prayers”

Thank you for giving us the Qur’an and for having us.

From the whole of P6 at Crown Primary

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