Eid Extravaganza — 19/07/15

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“Let’s celebrate EID! a festival of joy , friendship and being thankful to Allah SWT for all the blessings in Ramadan and beyond.” So we held a Roller ball competition at 10,30 am sharp till 1 pm followed by a specially prepared grand feast at our dearest lovely masjid after Zohar prayer at 2 pm, we are proud of our team behind this event on Sunday 19 July 2015

A Muslim sister who was visiting from Doha, Qatar attended our Eid Salah and met our community for the first time. She is a well-travelled woman that has lives in many Muslim countries.  She said, ” I have been to many Muslim cities/communities in Pakistan, Kuwait, and England and I have never come across a more welcoming and  lovely community like Inverness.”. Mashallah it turns out that all the Sisters after Salah embraced/hugged her and she was given an invitation to the Masjid breakfast after Salah. She said that she has never encountered such good hospitality from a community before.  May Allah bless our community, our leaders, our Masjid, our Imams, and May Allah swt accept our efforts to spread his Deen and establish his religion in Inverness.


  • Date: 01 / Sep / 2015
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