Food For Refugees — Feb-Mar 2016

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Alhamdulillah we have been really pleased to find out about the great work that The Highlands Support Refugees are doing and to offer our help in their efforts to provide aid to refugees in the camps at Calais, Dunkirk, Chios and elsewhere in Europe. There is great need, especially at this time of year with the conditions the people in the camps are living under.

For the month of February we are having an urgent appeal for the collection of food to be sent to one of the camp kitchens with the aim of sending a large shipping container of food in early March. This food will be used in the camp kitchens to provide meals for the refugee families. Inverness Masjid will act as a collection and storage point for any donations.

We sent one of our 40ft containers, kitted out as a distribution centre and packed full of urgently required aid, to Calais in the Feb-March. This is due to the amazing amount of donations we continue to receive from across the Highlands, and the volunteers in Dingwall sorting and packing donations. For the first time, we will be sending food directly to support kitchens feeding refugees in the Jungle. We needed to shift 550 boxes from the depot into the container. With all hands on deck! The depot was open late nights until the container is collected. Volunteers from the community helped with the packing.

  • Date: 10 / Mar / 2016
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