Grand Opening Of Stornoway Mosque — 12/05/2018

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On Tuesday 12 May 2018 we officially pass on the title of the Most Northerly Mosque In The United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Inverness Masjid was the official host of this ceremony, we prepared three spring lambs cooked in Muir of Ord, pilau rice, drinks and wonderful deserts including specially made masjid cake, and all other logistics including tents, the very first Ramadan timetable and speaker systems were provided by the Inverness community. We are delighted to provide all the technical support to this young mosques which is truly a blessing from Allah SWT.

Stornoway mosque replied with a huge ‘Thank You’ to Dr Waheed Khan of Inverness. “May Allah accept all your Sadaqah and reward you abundantly for all the help and support you have provided us and the Muslim community of Stornoway.”

  • Date: 26 / Jun / 2018
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