Inshes & Drakies Primary School Visit — Feb 2018

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We had some primary school kids visit our mosque on three consecutive days back to back. Primary 5B From Inshes Primary School on 26th Feb 2018, a P7 class from Drakies on 27th Feb 2018 & lastly another Inshes PS class-P6. on 28th Feb 2018

The kids were given a tour of the mosque, the imam gave them a powerpoint presentation followed by an open Q&A. Some refreshments and drinks were provided.

We recieved some positive feedback on twitter: “We had an amazing time and really enjoyed the visit. All of us learned lots of interesting things today. #Diversity #Education #rme #religion #Islam” from a Mr T.Laurie & “P7 @DrakiesPS went to visit @InvernessMasjid this afternoon. We enjoyed a very informative presentation followed by a tour of the Mosque. An excellent input, thoroughly enjoyed by all the children” from a Mr D. Mackenzie.

  • Date: 17 / Mar / 2018
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