Islamic Awareness Week In Inverness – 16/03/2013

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The Islamic Society of Britain initiated Islam Awareness Week (IAW) in 1994, to raise awareness and remove misconceptions surrounding Britain’s second largest faith group. Today, it seems that we too often hear and read much that is harsh and heartless when talking about religion in general or Islam in particular. There seems to be too many messages of prejudice, literalism, legalism, violence, and oppression. But the truth is that love is at the heart of Islamic teachings.

Islam Awareness Week (IAW) has been taking place in many towns and cities across the UK since 1994 and since the year 2000 a theme has been chosen which highlights an issue which is of common concern across communities. This is because the main idea of IAW is to promote social cohesion rather than dwelling on differences.

Inverness Muslim Association decided to join IAW in 2013 and hold Street Stalls

Inverness Town Centre Meet Local Muslims, feel free to ask any questions, try free Henna tattoos, free Arabic/Hindi Calligraphy sessions, Oriental sweets, & much more.

On the following day 17/03/2013 we invited and had Tea with Provost Rev. Gordon of Inverness Cathedral

  • Date: 20 / Nov / 2013
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