Islamic Awareness Week — March 2014

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After a successful year promoting the real image about Islam & spreading the truth; The Inverness masjid Association decided to take part again with the nationwide annual Islamic Awareness Week. This year we decided to have an Islamic Awareness stall at Inverness college & having a stall at the Eastgate Centre.

We had Islamic literature, copies of the Qu’ran, information pamphlets & leaflets, a huge screen conveying the teachings of Islam, we also offered free Henna tattoos, Arabic calligraphy. Also home made desserts & traditional sweets were available.

We believed to have a very satisfying & productive day in the Eastgate center with a huge support from our Muslim community who participated. 3-4 potentially interested folk, the local courier covered the event & locals loved it.

  • Date: 26 / Mar / 2014
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