MCB Visit My Mosque Open Day — 3/03/2019

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Inverness Masjid invited the local community of Inverness & the highlands to our open day. This is the fifth year we have held the event in-conjunction with The Muslim Council of Britain. From 10am to 6pm there were stalls, Refreshments, henna, guided tour, & dialogue with the imam.

We are grateful to our volunteers who prepared, cleansed and prepared the mosque for the open day and more over bringing a lot food cakes and drink. There was a steady stream of visitors which included our MP Drew Hendry and and a very special thanks to minister of Ness Bank Fiona Smith, Right Rev Susan Brown the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland accompanied with Derek Brown and friends. Generally a productive day with a lot Children’s and adults enjoying hospitality and the ambiance of the mosque.

  • Date: 19 / Mar / 2019
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