Solidarity With The Highland Homeless Trust 2013-2014

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The Inverness masjid Association took part again this year during the festive period over the winter holidays Dec 2013 through to Jan 2014 to feed the homeless & vulnerable folk in the inverness and surrounding Highland areas.

We have managed to feed over 1200 meals during the xmas period and extended to achieve 2000 meals in the new year, we reached out to individual families, restaurants & locals to our mosque to come out and support this blesses task. We were able to collect fresh food parcels, bags of potatoes, warm clothes, spare blankets and donations were all provided.

We followed the noble example in the Qu’ran (76:9-10) & in the teachings of our Beloved Prophet Muhammed PBUH to feed the hungry. We hope to carry this again god willing every year to give back to our hospitable community and feed our brothers & sisters.

The Highland Homeless Trust organised a social event on the 14 March 2014 at the Civic reception to congratulate everyone who involved, give a summary of what the trust achieved this year, & the Inverness Masjid Association were invited to come along, where we were given a special mention in David Sutherlands Speech and mingled with the other contributors to the trust.

  • Date: 18 / Jan / 2014
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