Stall @ Freshers Fayre In The New Campus — 09/09/15

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It really was a good day today and my sincere thanks go to Dr Waheed and the people who helped pull it all together. May Allah accept your contributions and intentions and reward you.

There was not a footfall of Muslim student’s, so I’m afraid there’s not an email list of students. No real interest shown in us by Muslims unfortunately but plenty of interest by everyone else.

The number of people who asked for a copy of a Qur’an translation was very high and it looked as if we were going to run out at one point. Alhamdulillah. A volunteer even got stopped and asked for a copy when I was walking past someone with some in my bag. There were a few people who were very interested in Islam, may Allah open their hearts and guide them., 2 young ladies in particular.

There were a number of people who were asking about tours etc of the masjid. Some people just expressed their genuine support for us and sympathy that Muslims are being given a hard ride at the moment. We should take heart in all of this. People also thought that we need to raise the profile of the mosque further and become more involved in the greater community and charity efforts.

So, a very positive day and outcome, and much to think about for the future with the help and guidance of Allah.

  • Date: 19 / Sep / 2015
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