Stand With Gaza — 19/07/14

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“At night we wait for day. In the day we wait for night. Waiting for our turn in the slaughterhouse. We heard just this morning how the entire Ghanam family, from Rafah, died. Another family that was killed”.

Once again Israel has launched a murderous assault on the people of Gaza. With no army, no navy and no air force to defend them, the people of Gaza are facing the overwhelming military power of Israel, one of the world’s most heavily-armed nations. Hundreds of Palestinians civilians have already been killed and wounded in Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s densely-populated cities and refugee camps.

The Scottish Palestinian Solitary Group – Highland branched held a protest in the Inverness High Street from midday to 01:30pm & supported by the Inverness Masjid, along with the hundreds of thousands of people protesting across the world against Israels genocidal attacks on Palestinians in Gaza & the illegally Occupied West Bank. Highland Palestine on Inverness High St today honoured by the presence of a family from Gaza and supporters who came from as far as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kashmir and Skye!

  • Date: 20 / Jul / 2014
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