Tea In The Mosque — 21/09/14

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This event garners much exceptionality, being the first to be accomplished in the new mosque as well as a thank you symbol to the community for their interminable and boundless endeavors put into the mosque work.

We have a captivating and exciting programmed for the event, which includes talks by esteemed scholars, discussion of relevant and contemporary affairs e.g. mental health & Islam Solution, Journey Of Hajj, nasheeds (Islamic vocals) Quranic Recitation with English Commentary and delectable finger food, drinks & other refreshments. Some of the notable speakers will be Dr Maureen Sier (Director of Interfaith Scotland) as well as a reading of poetry.

The event provides an incomparable opportunity to integrate, unify, and fraternize among ourselves as well as welcome members from other faiths and belief, for a cordial and earnest amalgamation. Invitations are open to everyone and I would strongly urge you to attend along with your family. The event was recorded by BBC for an upcoming documentary and got coverage by the Inverness Courier.

  • Date: 07 / Oct / 2014
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