#VisitMyMosque Open Day — 07/02/16

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SubhanAllah. A very rewarding day at the ‪#‎VisitOurMosque‬ open day at ‎InvernessMasjid‬. Indeed a very productive & positive day this year.
From the moment the doors opened at 1 o’clock there was a constant stream of people coming to visit the mosque. Visitors were still popping in after 5 pm. A lot of individuals came from far and remote places.

All the visitors were on their first visit to our mosque and for the vast majority of them, it was the first time they had ever stepped foot in a mosque.
It was great to be able to show people around and talk to them about Islam – not the Islam portrayed in the media but the one lived by the vast majority of Muslims. The interest shown by people in who we are and what we really practice in our lives was very genuine and heart-warming.
The feedback and comments received from our visitors was very kind, generous and encouraging.Visitors to the mosque were able to witness the performance of Salah during the afternoon and were very obviously affected by what they saw and experienced. Amongst the visitors to the mosque was a good number of representatives of local schools, youth organisations and different faiths. A lot intellectuals and well read people, engaged with all the stations & admired the food. Charity workers and volunteers from groups working with refugees, both in the Highlands and in the refugee camps abroad, made very welcome visits.They came with the specific aim of finding out about Islam and our mosque so that they could better help the people fleeing conflict in the Middle East. They left, much encouraged.

This Visit Our Mosque day has been blessed with being a very significant one in terms of the local Muslim community and the building of relationships, friendship and bridges with the wider Highland community. Thanks to all the community members who helped a great deal ,prepared stalls , food , helped to clean up and talked to the visitors .

  • Date: 21 / Feb / 2016
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